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Create the Life you Want – course starts 14 February

You only have one life – so make sure it’s a life you want to live. Creating the Life You Want is an 8 week guided personal development course that will help you live the life you want. Uncover your strengths. Take time to reflect. One-up your power to choose and make things happen. This course is constructed for you to experience as much as possible over the 8 weeks. You’ll be guided in a range of techniques: Guided visualisation and mindfulness training…

8 weeks, 8 themes

Each session follows a theme where you’ll be guided in:

  1. Safety and comfort, learning and risks
  2. Life balance
  3. Limits and boundaries
  4. Understanding desire
  5. Intention
  6. The nature of will
  7. Flow and happiness
  8. Imagination and intuition

Hosted by the experienced Kindra Douglas

For the past 10 years, Kindra Douglas has led the Victory Community Centre through a period of significant community-led development. Having recently moved on from that role, we are lucky enough to have Kindra hosting this course with us.

“I am a counsellor with a special interest in groups and empowerment.  I have been in private practice, facilitated groups in general and specialist areas of therapeutic work since 1991. I work according to the Code of Practice offered by NWC and also undertake regular mentoring with a clinical supervisor who is a member of the NZ Association of Psychotherapists.

I have offered this course through Nelson Women’s Centre for 15 years.  It has been developed primarily through my training and experience in Psychosynthesis.  It is a particular way of working with people that greatly enhances their potential, improves self esteem, relationships and parenting skills, and provides a set of practices and skills that allow for growth and change in the long term.”

~ Kindra Douglas, course facilitator

You can find out more about Kindra over at her website.

Spots are filling up fast for this free course

Places on Kindra’s Creating the Life You Want course usually cost $160 per person. However, thanks to our Tertiary Education Commission funding we are able to offer this course at no cost to you.

Contact us today to sign up

Article type: Training
Start date: February 14, 2018
Start time: 5:30 PM
End Date: March 8, 2018
End Time: 8:30 PM
Venue:Nelson Women’s Centre, 44 Trafalgar St, Nelson

Cost: Free

Contact Name: Kindra Douglas
Contact Phone: 027 956 1267 or (03) 545 2991
Contact Email: [email protected]

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