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Educators – what professional development do you need this year? – Complete by 16 March

What if you had $30,000 to spend on professional development this year?

We’ve created this short form and we would love you to complete it by 16 March.

ACE Aotearoa has Professional Development grants for educators – and we want to apply on behalf of the educators in our region. Applications must come from more than one organisation, so we’re reaching out to educators to see what the need is for PD this year.

Their Small Grants provide $2k-$5k for one-off PD sessions. And their Innovation Grants provide $30k to fund an innovative professional development strategy.

You can read more about the ACE grants here.

Paul McGregor, on behalf of the team at Adult Learning Support

Here’s the full link to the form. It’ll close on 16 March, so get in now before you forget!

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