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Tasman Creative Communities Scheme

The Tasman District funding scheme to support community arts next closing date is 10 November.

Are you planning a community art project?
The Tasman Creative Communities Scheme provides funding to support community involvement in the arts, whether that’s music, theatre, festivals, mural painting, outdoor sculptures, art in public spaces, kapa haka, singing, art workshops or something else.
If you have a great community arts project needing some dollars to make it happen the Tasman Creative Communities Scheme maybe just what you’re looking for. There are three rounds of applications per annum. The next round closes on 10 November 2017, followed by 10 March and 10 July 2018.

There is $39,000 allocated per annum; average allocations are $1,000.

For application forms –

or phone Mike Tasman-Jones 543 8403 for further information.
Next closing date is 10 November 2017.

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Contact Name: MIke Tasman-Jones

Contact Email: m[email protected]

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