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Untitled Art Exhibition: Stories of the Unheard

A pair of Nelson students want people to open up about mental health, so they have put together an exhibition with a focus on raising awareness and reducing the stigma surrounding the issue. Students Linda Ly and Keegan Connor have worked together for the last few months to make the event happen.

Ly said it was during a Nelson Leaders course in February that the pair came up with the idea of holding an art exhibition to raise awareness of mental health in the community. “We had to come up with a project that would deliver to young people in Nelson,” she said. “We had the idea that we wanted to do some art and we wanted to do something with mental health.”

“We are all just sweeping it under the rug and pretending like it is not an actual issue that should be important in society but it is. Six hundred and six suicides, it is appalling, it needs to be talked about,” Ly said. Connor said as a student and artist in Nelson there was a lack of scene for young artists.



Linda and Keegan welcoming everyone at Exhibition Opening, Nelson Museum


One of the artists presenting her work


See for loads more pictures and info.


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