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Nelson Tasman Youth Summit – 2 August 2017, Trafalgar Pavilion, Nelson


The Nelson Tasman Youth Summit was a chance for young people and those older than 25; youth workers, community organisation members, funders and local government to get together. Volunteering and community engagement was the main topic. We looked at perceptions and how they may create barriers for youth participation and also how to overcome this and find strategies to encourage youth participation.

Youth Panel

One highlight was the youth panel in the morning when we heard from eight different young people about their experience of volunteering and community involvement.  They answered questions about their experience of volunteering. Why had they started? What makes a healthy volunteering workplace? What they would like to see more of volunteering-wise in Nelson Tasman? Then questions from the audience, such as what their standout moment with volunteering was.

Youth Panel at Youth Summit

Keynote Speaker

We got to hear from guest speaker Josh Briggs about his experiences of engaging community. We learnt about his experience from an early age, from being lucky enough to get a bilingual education in Porirua after moving from Invercargill, to some of the years he had spent as a youth worker in Wellington; to how the desire to meet people in his new community, Wainuiomata, when he was a stay at home Dad, had sparked the campaign to stand for the Community Board followed by the Lower Hutt City Council. Josh shared many of the strategies used to get community out from their homes and talking to each other, things like a chalk day where everyone in the area drew on the streets for a day – all the chalk was supplied, neighbourhood barbeques, Facebook Live question time etc. He said that a lot of what he did followed through from his work as a youth worker, and was just about being genuine with people and making connections that way.

Josh Briggs – Keynote Speaker


The major focus later in the afternoon was brainstorming the barriers for youth participation and strategies to address this. Visual displays were created and some groups acted out the ideas they’d come up with as a skit. Below are some of the posters highlighting barriers and strategies identified. Skits entertained us and helped show potential solutions to barriers young people face. We collected all the ideas brainstormed in the afternoon sessions and will collate these and make a report available soon. Thank you to everyone for making it a successful day. If the day got you thinking about ideas that we could help with, get in touch..[email protected]. Then Nelson Tasman Youth Workers Collective and Volunteer Nelson would like to say thank you again to Nelson Youth Events, Nelson City Council and Tasman District Council for supporting this event.


Attendees: Deanne Kilpatrick – Nelson Tasman Youth Workers Collective, Holly Drummond – Volunteer Nelson, Angela Cheyne – Volunteer Nelson, Joshua Briggs, Alexandra Hunter – Nelson Youth Council, Emily Rais – Nelson Youth Council, Zen Shaw – Q-Youth,  Sophie Stankdfield – Q-Youth, Jenna Stallard – General Youth Worker, Hilary Genet – NMDHB, Chekodi Fearnley-Fitzgerald – Nelson College for Girls, Lauren Underdown – Q-Youth, Rhona Aran – Nelson College for Girls, Amy Trembath – Big Brothers Big Sisters, Daniel Leaper – Waimea College, Konner Miller – Waimea College, Ben Rumsey – NelCol, YHA, YC, Joanne Thomson – Te Ara Mahi, Linda Ly – Nelson College for Girls, Ria Knoef – Motueka High, Emma Munroe – Volunteer Nelson, Alex Sawyer – Te Ara Mahi, Beth Rogers – Te Ara Mahi, Brenda McQuillan – Te Piki Oranga, Bright Mucangmi – Motueka High, Michael Pickering – Motueka High, Ella Ward – Motueka High, Molly Faulkner – Motueka High, Lily McIntosh – Garin College, Tiare Donelan – Garin College, Sam Ashley – Garin College, Steve Stiles – NCC, Spencer Sharpe – Q-Youth, Josephine Ripley – NCG, Peter Canton – TDC, Bex Devon – Whakatu RDA, Lisa Vercoe – YAP, Briana Collins – YAP, May Takahashi – Motueka High, Lily McClintock – Motueka High, Emma Kerr-Laurie – NCG, Ellie Williams – NCG, Naomi Winslade – Workbridge Motueka, Saskia Walsh – NMIT & Supervision, Kiwa Kahukura, Lani Evans – Tasman District Council, Rosey Duncan – Heath Action, Mitchell Archibald – Motueka High School, Amanda Kularathha – NCG, Keerthikka Aloysius – NCG, Ara Garlick – NCG, Grace Cumming – NCG, Amelia Abbott – NCG, Kamaya Crawford – DIA, Lorellin Syben – DIA, Shanine Raggett – NCC, Thomas Tough – NMIT TPI, Riley Penfold – NMIT TPI, David Taylor – Volunteer Nelson, Gordon Oldfield – Volunteer Nelson.


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