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Stop missing out on learning and education opportunities!

Have you ever found out about a fun or life-changing course… only to find out it finished weeks ago?

Well, the new Nelson/Tasman Adult Education Facebook group aims to stop that!

It’s a place to share upcoming courses, programmes, seminars and learning opportunities.

A bit like the community noticeboards we have dotted around our region. Only on Facebook, because that’s where we all are.

Once it’s humming, you’ll have notices popping up in your news feed about all sorts of exciting things. Yoga courses. Cooking classes. Business workshops. Knitting classes.

You name it, there’s probably a course for it around here!

So give the group a JOIN today. Here’s the magic link >>>>>>>

We would also LOVE it if you spread the word to friends, family, whānau and other education providers. A Facebook group is only as good as its members!

At the moment, the group is being promoted by the good folks at Adult Learning Support. If you’re keen to help make it work, flick them a message on Facebook at

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