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Beginner’s 4 week Qigong Course

Daoist Health Qigong for Beginners: Liver Dao Yin – smooth out stresses & put a spring in your step with this Ancient Chinese Internal art. Run by Nelson Women’s Centre for women

The Tutor, Talia Lyon-Devlin has a Diploma in Medical Qigong and is a certified Daoist Health Qigong Instructor. This will be the first in a series of Qigong workshops according to the Five Elements & Five Seasons of Chinese Medicine. All sessions at Elma Turner Library on Fridays staring 11 August.

All participants need to register and commit to all four classes. Please contact the Nelson Women’s Centre on 546 7986 or email [email protected]

Article type: Training
Start date: August 11, 2017
Start time: 9:30 AM
End Date: September 1, 2017
End Time: 9:30 AM
Venue:Elma Turner Library

Cost: $20 for all 4 classes

Contact Name: Nelson Women’s Centre
Contact Phone: 546 7986
Contact Email: [email protected]

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