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Nelson City Council community grants – Closes 18 August

Nelson City Council’s Community Investment Fund opens for grants under $2,500.

Our Nelson article Community Investment Funding round

On 3 July 2017, the Nelson City Council Community Investment Fund opens for grant applications for projects and activities under $2,500.

The Community Investment Fund has actively supported activities and projects that take place across Nelson which help to make our city an even better place.

Broadly, the Fund contributes to activities focused on wellbeing, youth, children and families, older adults, diversity and aspects of learning and development that strengthen our communities making our city more resilient.

These projects are often run and funded in partnership with other funders and agencies.

Chair of Community Services Committee, Councillor Gaile Noonan, says she’s looking forward to seeing what projects come out of the process.

“The Community Investment Fund plays an important role in contributing to the activities and projects that make our city such a great place to be for all.”

This funding round for activities and projects under $2,500, opens on 3 July and closes on 18 August; further information is available on our website.

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