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Office space becoming available at Nelson Women’s Centre

A room is becoming available at Nelson Women’s Centre, 44 Trafalgar Street at the beginning of May. This would suit a women focused organisation or such needing to rent a space in central Nelson in a safe and friendly women-only space.

Long standing housemates SASH will be moving at the beginning of May since their office at the Women’s Centre has become to small for their team of many.

We are looking to find a tenant and housemate that is compatible with our values and focus on supporting women to reach their potential.

With the rent of the room comes the use of the kitchen/dining area and lounge, several counselling rooms and an activity room as well as a private and sunny garden space.

For any queries or expressions of interest please contact Britta at Nelson Women’s Centre on 546 7986 or email [email protected]

You can also check out our website on

Article type: News and information

Venue: Nelson Women’s Centre; 44 Trafalgar Street

Contact Name: Nelson Women’s Centre
Contact Phone: 546 7986
Contact Email: [email protected]

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