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Nelson Connects

Volunteer Nelson has started a new volunteering programme that is aimed at those who are sixty plus in age. Frequently those in this age group are moving towards retirement or may have already retired from paid work. This is an excellent time to become involved in volunteering.

The Nelson Tasman region has the fastest growth of people who are sixty plus as many are attracted to the region. This presents a great opportunity for community organisations to recruit volunteers who have a wealth of experience and skills that they have developed over decades.   It is also an opportunity for the volunteer to contribute to the community sector and the people that are served by this sector. It is not only skills and experience that has been developed through paid work that is valued, but also those skills and experience gained through sports, hobbies and other recreational activities.

By signing up as a volunteer on the Volunteer Nelson website, volunteers are able to view over 250 volunteering opportunities. As part of the Nelson Connects programme, those volunteers who are sixty plus are able to complete a volunteering CV by clicking here. Volunteer Nelson can then circulate this volunteering CV amongst its 175 member organisations. This allows community organisations to become aware of the skills and experience that volunteers possess and they can then contact the volunteer directly. By participating in the Nelson Connects programme you may be able to make a world of difference to a community organisation and the people it serves.