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Free media opportunity for youth agencies, clubs etc

Did you see the new feature in the Leader?

“Youth in Action”

The first was a great profile on the Nelson Ark.

Think about the questions below for your agency profile.

  1. Who are we? –  Basically a summary of what your group or organisation is called and some details about your reach or how many people are involved.


  1. What do we do? – This is the biggest question. What we’re looking for here is as much detail as you can give about what you’re about as a group. What you hope to achieve, what happens when you meet and what sort of activities you do, what role you play in the community. You have to think in terms of what makes your group sound appealing for someone or why they should engage with you. What is fun or exciting about your group?  Also within this question outline what can someone who is interested expect to get out of it whether it’s new skills, fitness, confidence, camaraderie or even simply the satisfaction of knowing they can make a difference. Think in terms of a teenager being your target audience.


  1. Where do we meet? –  This is not just where but when and how often.


  1. What does it cost – This is a big factor for a lot of people getting involved so this is a chance to lay out the basic costs or even emphasise that it’s not that expensive to join in initially until they’ve figured out whether its for them or not etc. It may even be that it doesn’t cost anything to take part.


  1. How do I get involved? – This needs to be a point of contact with phone or email or both of who to talk to about getting involved and answer any further questions. It could be you have beginners/newcomers nights so include the details of those.

Aim for between 200 and 250 words.

Article type: Job Vacancies and Volunteer Opportunities

Contact Name: Stu Hunt
Contact Phone: 0272003936 or 5462877
Contact Email: stu.hunt@fairfaxmedia.co.nz