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Local Body Elections – 7 September

Meet the Women Candidates standing for TDC, NCC and DHB.

Wednesday 7 September 7pm at the Richmond Library, Queen Street. Richmond.

Hosted by Nelson Branch National Council of Women. Contact nelsonncw@gmail.com

Local body elections are a timely reminder that our elected leaders and
key decision makers influence our future, either positively or negatively.
As voting members of this fantastic region it falls on us to determine who
those leaders are going to be.

This year’s range of candidates is broad with some well known faces, lots
of new and diverse names, and an unbalanced proportion of males to

Voting solely on the basis of gender may not result in appropriate
candidates being elected.  But ensuring we have a culture and community
that allows for equality regardless of gender requires leaders who reflect
such diversity.

Nelson Branch of the National Council of Women (NCW) invites you to a
Meet the Women Candidates evening to hear what women candidates for
Nelson City Council, Tasman District Council and the NDHB would bring to
our region’s leadership if they were elected.

Free to attend – Wednesday 7 September, 7pm, at Constance Barnicoat Room, Richmond Library, Queen Street, Richmond

Article type: News and information

Venue:Richmond Library

Cost: Nil

Contact Name: The Secretary

Contact Email: nelsonncw@gmail.com