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Financial Reporting Training, Rata Foundation – 21 June

Financial reporting and audit requirements have changed for non profit organisations.  To help you understand what’s required under the new regulations we’re pleased to announce we’re working with Chartered Accountants Australia NZ (CA ANZ) in hosting a two hour workshop on Tuesday, 21 June at 12 noon – 2pm, Saxton Oval, Saxton Field. Further details on the workshop and how to register are in the attached flier.

In registering please note the following:

–          The workshop is aimed at organisations operating in tiers 3 and 4 of the new financial reporting framework

–          There is no need to fill in the Member ID (unless you’re a member of CA ANZ)

–          If you have problems accessing the online registration this may be due to an incompatibility issue with Internet Explorer  attached is a paper on how to change your settings so that the error message doesn’t keep coming up.

–          If you prefer, you can fill in the registration form and email directly to Amelia.lindsay@caanz.com

Please forward this email to the person who prepares your organisation’s annual financial accounts.  If you have any questions please contact Amelia directly by email.

Flyer – Financial Reporting Not for Profit Seminar 21-06-16

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