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Call for Nominations for Community Investment Funding Panel

Nelson City Council is seeking nominations for one Community Representative to join the existing Community Investment Funding Panel, currently comprising of three other community members and chaired by the Group Manager, Community Services. As outlined in the Terms of Reference, this position is voluntary and for individual representation (not attending on behalf of a community organisation). The position involves attending approximately 4 meetings a year, for a total of around 16 volunteer hours a year. The role primarily involves reviewing applications for Community Investment Funding and allocating appropriate levels of funding in consensus with the Community Investment Funding Panel.

Potential candidates must have a nominating person and will need to submit the nomination form to nicola.gausel@ncc.govt.nz by Monday 13 June. Nomination forms and further details outlined in the Community Investment Funding Panel Terms of Reference can be found at http://nelson.govt.nz/services/community/funding/community-investment-funding/. Any questions can be directed to Nicola Gausel at nicola.gausel@ncc.govt.nz or 03 546 0217.

Article type: News and information

Contact Name: Nicola Gausel
Contact Phone: 03 546 0217
Contact Email: nicola.gausel@ncc.govt.nz