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Fresh Focus – Free Event Gear

Fresh Focus is a group some of you will have heard of. We organise speakers and for years on Mondays we ran out of the Suburban Club, but they now shut on ‘our’ day. We have relocated to the ELIM church in Stoke.

We are left with :
2 big loud-speakers
trestle table
big screen
Sound Amplifier
box of bits’n’pieces

These are in good condition and need a home. We also have 2 Epson projectors but we intend to sell them on Trade Me.

We wish to give this bundle of gear to any group we ‘approve’ of so that they can benefit from it. I have this afternoon been given carte blanche to find a home for the gear.

So please let me know if you would like to take it.

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Contact Name: Paul Lunberg
Contact Phone: (0)3 5487889
Contact Email: lunberg@orcon.net.nz