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Funding and Fundraising Workshop with Heather Newell – 5 April

Nelson City Council is working to bring Heather Newell to Nelson to provide a funding and fundraising workshop (1 day) to non government organisations and we would like your feedback as to the proposed content for this day.

Potential content includes:
– Where does the money come from?
– Creating a case statement
– Fundraising tools and sources
– Setting objectives for fundraising
– Partnership funding, what is it- how do we work towards this?

If you wish to provide feedback on the value of these topics and/or provide alternative suggestions please email gabrielle.thorpe@ncc.govt.nz.

More information will follow including information on the venue and enrolment.

Heather is based in Wellington and provides fundraising planning to NGO’s across New Zealand.

Article type: Training

Contact Name: Gabrielle Thorpe
Contact Phone: 035460305
Contact Email: gabrielle.thorpe@ncc.govt.nz