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Toddler Better Health – pre-school obesity prevention programme – February 2016

Toddler Better Health – pre-school obesity prevention programme:
Nelson Bays Primary Health, Sport Tasman and the Health Promotion Agency, have joined forces to bring to our region the Toddler Better Health Programme starting in February 2016.

This is an evidence based healthy lifestyle programme for families with children aged between 2-4 years. The programme is Free and is delivered over a 10-week period. In involves the children AND the parents or caregivers learning together and sharing the experiences of learning in a fun way.

The programme includes 30 mins of play-time (parents and children learning how to play together), snack time (children and parents get to try new and exciting healthy foods) and 45 mins of fully supervised creative play for the children, while parents learn about healthy eating and how to make behaviour changes at home.

Registrations are essential and places limited.

Please contact Tonia Talbot, Dietitian from Nelson Bays Primary Health on:
Phone: 03 539 1170 / 0800 731 317 Email: tonia.talbot@nbph.org.nz or visit http://www.nbph.org.nz/programmes-and-services/nutrition-service/6294-2/ for referral forms and flyers.

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Cost: Free

Contact Name: Tonia Talbot
Contact Phone: 03 539 1170
Contact Email: tonia.talbot@nbph.org.nz