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New project and Community Activators in Tahunanui

Love Tahunanui? Are you or your organisation involved in the Tahunanui area? There’s a great new project kicking off, provisionally called Tahunanui Connects, aiming to be a catalyst for positive, locally-led action and change.

Tahunanui Connects is based from the Tahunanui Community Centre and has two newly-appointed staff to help build the momentum for an even brighter future in Tahunanui.

Initially we want to talk with locals and organisations about what people would like to see happening. How can we all make a positive difference? What can you contribute to make Tahunanui an even better place? We’ll be running a series of focus groups soon and would love to involve you.

If that sounds like something you’d like to be involved in, then please contact Katie Hughes and Jacqui Irwin on 548 6036 / 0204 110 3099 or email us communitycentre@tahunanui.org

Article type: News and information

Venue:Tahunanui Community Centre

Cost: FREE

Contact Name: Jacqui Irwin and Katie Hughes
Contact Phone: 03 548 6036
Contact Email: communitycentre@tahunanui.org