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Goodwill House Charitable Trust

This new Trust seeks information regarding any problems being faced by local voluntary service providers regarding shortage, or inadequacy, of space. Our long term vision is of a centrally located “Social Services Centre” and we need to start with understanding needs.


The recently incorporated Goodwill House Charitable Trust exists for the purpose of “supporting not-for-profit social services in Nelson Tasman”

At present, the Trust owns a small property housing one social service organisation which has growing needs and we are sure that it is not alone in facing the problems of finding adequate spaces. We are also aware of some other very pressing needs.

The long term dream of the Goodwill House Charitable Trust would be to see the establishment of a Social Services Centre at a location which had ease of access for service users and, perhaps, common use of facilities such as office, meeting rooms, etc.

If yours is a service which is experiencing accommodation problems or you have special needs that could do with being explored, we would like to hear from you in order to get a better understanding of current needs. Obviously, we are in no position to determine any outcomes as these will only come from understanding present needs and the development of concepts for their resolution.

In the first instance, please reply to Goodwill House Charitable Trust, PO Box 1844 Nelson 7040 or phone Trust member Brian Kendrick 545 1051 email brigil@slingshot.co.nz


Article type: News and information

Contact Name: Brian Kendrick
Contact Phone: (03) 545 1051
Contact Email: brigil@slingshot.co.nz