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Support the students’ project to transform Trafalgar street with a public art installation!

I’m part of The Collective of Nelson – Artists and we’re putting on a public installation for the coming Arts Festival. It’s a fantastic project that relates to the Masked Parade’s theme, The World of Books.I can tell you that it’ll be accessible to anyone: you don’t have to be an artist; you don’t have to be of a certain age, you just have to be curious and you’ll become part of the experience.
The Collective of Nelson , that’s high school students from Waimea, Nayland, Nelson Boys, Nelson Girls, Garin and NMIT students working together for weeks on this. We’re close to get it completed but we need your donation to get us to the last step. That is where you can become part of this. We’ve launched a crowdfunding campaign here: http://www.boosted.org.nz/projects/word-on-the-street. Donate whatever you can, it’ll help us! Hopefully, you’ll join our collective effort to increase student artistic participation in our city with a donation! And if you know friends, relatives who are like-minded, please share!
The Collective of Nelson-Artists (CoN Artists)

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Contact Name: Zoe Palmer
Contact Phone: 0273758668
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