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Fundraising Exhibition extended until Friday 3rd July: Two Weavers – Connecting Threads.

Lesley Nicholls and I have hand-dyed and hand-woven beautiful blankets and scarves. We are selling these to raise funds for three charities – The Child Cancer Foundation, Breast Cancer Foundation and Nelson’s Fifeshire Foundation. The exhibition of these at The Refinery Gallery in Halifax Street is being extended until Friday 3rd July. You can purchase these wholesale priced blankets and scarves and take them with you.

Article type: Meetings and events
Start date: June 19, 2015

End Date: July 3, 2015

Venue:The Refinery Gallery. Halifax Street, opposite ANZAC Park

Contact Name: Suzanne Bateup
Contact Phone: 03 5466058
Contact Email: sue.bateup@clear.net.nz