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Safeguarding Children and Young People – Seminars

We are happy to announce that we have updates SCI’s website and added more seminars due to the huge demand from our community:

The current available seminars are:

Level 1 seminars: Safeguarding children & young people – repeated on the following dates:
Rai Valley Seminar – 4th June 2015
Wakefield seminar – 21st July 2015
Murchison seminar – 10th August 2015
Motueka seminar – 7th Sept 2015

Level 2 seminars: Child Protection Policy – repeated on the following dates:
Nelson seminar – 22nd June 2015
Nelson seminar – 3rd August 2015
Nelson seminar – 14th Sept 2015

Level 2 seminars: Attachment and Vulnerability – repeated on the following dates:
Nelson seminar – 8th June 2015
Nelson seminar – 27th July 2015
Nelson seminar – 24th August 2015
To register to a seminar simply go to http://safeguardingchildren.org.nz/register-for-a-seminar/ and follow the registration process online.

All seminars are free.