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Safeguarding Children & Young People Seminars – Level 2

Safeguarding Children is proud to present the new “Level 2” Safeguarding Children seminars.

We have read your feedback from our Level 1 seminars and in response have developed our “Level 2 seminars”  which cover topics in more depth and will give you the right tools to progress forward in your quest to safeguard children in your region.

We have created 2 Level 2 seminars:


Child Protection Policy Development – Tuesday 28 April 4.15pm – 7.30pm at Stoke Oval.

SCI are now offering FREE seminars to help you develop robust child protection policies and procedures no matter which organisation you represent or are connected to.

Whether you or your organisation works directly or indirectly with children, even in a voluntary capacity we all must take responsibility for child protection to create ‘child-safe’ organisations. Perhaps as a parent you would like to know more about how child protection policies and safe recruitment keeps your children safe when they are away from you attending school or a leisure activity.

You will also learn about legislation, including The Vulnerable Children’s Act or The Children’s Action Plan.

These workshops are aimed at anyone wanting to learn about and develop a safeguarding/child protection policy and procedures tailored to the type of contact that your organisation has with children.

Attachment and Vulnerability Seminars – Monday 20 April & Monday 4 May 6.15pm – 9.30pm at Stoke Oval.

Lets make our most vulnerable children the most visible.

An understanding of attachment, child development and vulnerability are  recognised as essential components that assist us to identify those children at risk or in need of support. New ways of working as a result of The Vulnerable Children’s Act and The Children’s Action plan places great importance on these key competencies for those working with or supporting children and young people.

SCI is once again delighted to offer our training FREE to anyone, but in particular those who work with or support children, families and parents, and interested community members. Even if you are supporting adults who are parents this seminar will be essential  to you.


You can register to the seminars right now on SCI website at