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Fight Stroke Week – 7-12 April

Fight Stroke Week runs from Tuesday 7 to Sunday 12 April and the Stroke Foundation of New Zealand are promoting stroke awareness and prevention.

Sometimes, stroke can kill. Almost 3000 strokes each year are fatal, but just as often stroke will seriously disable.

In fact, here in New Zealand it is the leading cause of serious adult disability and can rob a person of their speech, their movement, their memory and their livelihood.

Stroke devastates lives. It doesn’t just affect the person it happens to – it can also have a massive impact on friends and family.

Here are some simple rules to reduce stroke risk:

1. Get your blood pressure checked

2. Stop smoking

3. Exercise regularly

4. Limit the amount of alcohol you drink

5. Eat a healthy diet and reduce salt intake

6. Lower your cholesterol

7. Find out if you have atrial fibrillation (Atrial fibrillation is a type of irregular heartbeat.)

8. Control your weight

To find out more about reducing your risk of stroke visit The Stroke Foundation of NZ at www.stroke.org.nz