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Community Road Safety Demonstrations

Stopping Distance Demonstrations Aim to slow traffic

Spectacular road safety demonstrations, complete with fast cars, cut out figures and fake blood are being held in local neighbourhoods across Nelson city in March to help slow drivers down.

The series of neighbourhood park gatherings are being held in the evening and residents are encouraged to come along with a picnic tea and enjoy additional displays from emergency management, neighbourhood support, and citizens advice as well as demonstrations of driveway safety, truck blind spots  and of course the stopping distance or emergency braking demonstrations

These demonstrations will show how far a car will travel with and without ASB braking at different speed when the driver brakes. They will also bring home to drivers the consequences of speed in built up areas and to children the dangers of stepping out in front of a moving vehicle.

Some roads will be closed for these demonstrations from 5:30 – 7:30 pm. Check with the council for more info.

Nile Street
between Alton Street and Collingwood Street on Monday 16 March 2015 – picnic at Central school
Bisely Walk
Tahunanui Beach Reserve, by the playing fields on Tuesday 17 March 2015- picnic at playing fields
Tipahi Street
between Tukuka Street and Motueka Street on Thursday 19 March 2015- picnic at Nelson Intermediate
Atawhai Crescent
from the north intersection with State Highway 6 to Rainbow Drive on Friday 20 March 2015- picnic in Corder Park

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Venue:Various – coming to a street near you!

Cost: Free event

Contact Name: Marg Parfitt
Contact Phone: 0276783384
Contact Email: marg.parfitt@ncc.govt.nz