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Community Partnerships Engagement Day ~ The Founder of Education Cities in Nelson soon.

Community Development Engagement Day
Monday 13 April, Trafalgar Street Hall, Nelson. Cost: $60-100 (~$60 half day, $100 full day)

We have two great speakers available on Community Development Day.

Yaacov Hecht – Chairman and Founder of “Education Cities” in Israel 

Imagine a city, town or place that chooses to embrace the big picture; opening previously closed doors between schools, councils, businesses and community to share skills, ideas and resources.

For example a business could use a school hall for a conference on a day the school doesn’t need it, school students might help local charities with graphic design or a business with social media marketing. While undoubtedly the various sectors benefit, from the student point of view early on they overcome the inevitable catch 22 all graduates eventually face; how to find a job without experience or get experience without a job? Most business owners agree that they can send their staff to train in a specific skill, but what they want and can’t easily find are innovative people with initiative and the ability to think for themselves. That vital aptitude must be nurtured through opportunity over a period of time. Time that a business doesn’t have.

The beauty of an education city is that everything needed to create it already exists. It is more an exercise in shifting perspective and letting go of outdated ways of working, to create a system that supports what is naturally starting to happen more and more.

Yaacov will share his experience of the process of developing education cities and will tailor the session according to who is present.

Kate Lipkis – The Way of the Council

The way of the council is a simple participatory method of running meetings through effective communication to engage in meaningful relationships.

The EU has used council circles since 2007 and, due to its efficiency has gained rapid attention in the corporate world and in the education system. Council creates trust and ownership and empowers individual parties to collaborate and contribute in a harmonious way.

Kate has facilitated council in corporate settings, established in schools and communities over the past 30 years. In this session you can experience first hand the power of the Way of The Council.


For more information see attached flyer or contact us on 021 627 070 or (03) 526 6108.

To book a session visit www.edcity.eventbrite.co.nz

Article type: Training

Start date: April 13, 2015
Start time: 09:00 AM
End Date: April 13, 2015
End Time: 04:00 PM
Venue:Trafalgar Street Hall

Cost: $60-100

Contact Name: Amberli Hartwell
Contact Phone: 021627070
Contact Email: amberlihartwell@gmail.com