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Think Differently – Media Skills Workshop – 26 March

Think Differently Media Skills Workshop

Thursday 26 March, from 9am to 4pm, in the Auditorium at St Thomas’ Church, 101 High Street, Motueka. The venue is wheelchair accessible.

We’re offering media training because the media is a powerful influencer and shaper of community attitudes. We would like the New Zealand media to improve the way it covers disability. One of the best ways to do this is to support disabled people – and people in the sector – to champion their own causes. This course will give you the practical skills to do this.


It will cover news values, how to get into the news, developing key messages and interview technique. It will be an interactive day, with lots of opportunities to practice in a small, supportive group.


The training is for people likely to do interviews to help change the way disability is covered in the media. Individuals are welcome to come, or up to two people from one organisation so you can support and encourage each other afterwards. The course is aimed at people with little experience in working with the media. But it would also benefit people already active with the media.

Other information

  • The course is free.
  • The venue is wheelchair accessible.
  • Tea, coffee, morning tea and lunch will be provided.


If you would like to attend, please get in touch and let me know what organisation you are with and why you’re interested in the training.


Now is the time to apply for the limited spaces at the *free* Media Skills workshop, 26 March in Motueka.  It is a two step process where you need to contact Rosemarie and apply for one of the places at the workshop – limited to 8.  The criteria are:

Working in the disability/community sector, as or with people who have any form of disability.
Highly likely to use the skills in the near future / frequently to advocate for inclusive access for all to work and volunteering.
Have any form of impairment or disability yourself (helps, but not essential if you work closely with people in target group).

Email: Rosemarie.North001@msd. govt.nz