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Serious Crimes Register Petition

Currently New Zealand citizens deported back to NZ from prisons in other countries are not monitored or assisted in rehabilitating them back into society. There is also no register available listing serious crimes committed (for crimes committed in NZ or elsewhere) in their past, apart from sex offenders.

We all should have the right to protect ourselves and our loved ones from potential harm, especially if the person has served time for committing a serious crime. However currently there is no way of finding this information, and sadly too often you only get faced with the harsh reality of what someone is capable of when it is far too late.

Often the only reason people re-offend is because they do not receive the support and monitoring needed after being released from prison. New Zealand citizens returned to New Zealand from prisons in other countries get very little support and no monitoring from the judicial system. This means they fly under the radar and the public have no way of protecting themselves when they become suspicious or feel threatened by other peoples actions.

This petition is to persuade the government to have a serious crimes register for all ex convicts for crimes committed both inside and outside New Zealand border. As well as monitoring deported ex-convicts that have been deported back to New Zealand. These ex-convicts should also be given the same support and guidance on their journey back into society that ex-convicts released from NZ prisons currently receive.

You can view the petition here at change.org