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Melanoma Awareness Month/ Go Spotty Day – 27 March

The Melanoma Foundation  support those who have been diagnosed with Melanoma, with expert knowledge and medical science, they also ensure people are educated about the risks we Kiwi’s face from our unforgiving sun. There are no scare tactics, just good honest practical advice to reduce the incidences of unfortunately a far too common cancer, Melanoma.

March is Melanoma Awareness month and the Melanoma Foundation of New Zealand would like to invite you to participate in our third national ‘Go Spotty’ Mufti Day on Friday 27th March to raise awareness of this terrible disease that is affecting over 4000 kiwis every year.

The idea is to get everyone wearing something spotty or dotty to get people thinking about melanoma and checking their skin for ‘spots’ or signs that could lead to melanoma later on in life.

We would greatly appreciate your participation via a gold coin donation for everyone who decides to wear spotty mufti on the day.

If you would like to participate in our ‘Go Spotty Day’, request flyers, donations boxes, or have any questions, please contact admin@melanoma.org.nz or 09-449-2342 or 0800-4-melanoma (0800-463-526)

For more information on the Melanoma Foundation visit our website www.melanoma.org.nz