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Heart Foundation – Heart Week 2015

The Heart Foundation needs collectors to help at our Heart Week Street Appeal. Could you spare an hour or two on Friday February 13th? Help us help all New Zealanders to ‘fulfil their lifetime’.

We help stop New Zealanders dying prematurely from heart disease. We fund research.

We help people make healthy living choices. We run programmes to stop the next generation of New Zealanders developing heart disease.
We are currently building our teams for Nelson CBD, The Port, Tahunanui, Stoke, Richmond, Mapua, Motueka,
You can help us by donating some of your time.
Please contact Averil West, averilw@heartfoundation.org.nz or phone 03 545 7112 for more details or to register your interest.
Please note: The Heart Foundation does not
collect door to door.


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Cost: Nil

Contact Name: Averil West
Contact Phone: 03 545 7112
Contact Email: averilw@heartfoundation.org.nz