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Groom Creek Plant Care Picnic – Sunday 30th November

Looking for a fun & constructive way to spend your Sunday?
Join us for a picnic by the river and support the Friends of the Maitai community planting programme.
1200 native trees and flaxes were planted in September this year and are beginning to take root.
Cardboard and wood mulch has helped maintain soil moisture and has kept the grass away from the plants for now.
The grass has also grown well and will need cutting and laying down as more mulch before Christmas.
Friends of the Maitai planting team would like to see Groom Creek flourish without the need of herbicide. This means we need people on the ground with tools energy and community spirit to make revegetation of our beloved Maitai a reality.

You can find the Groom Creek planting across the river from the Maitai Valley Motor Camp. Follow the signs from Nile st
Sunday 30th of November
Bring your picnic, weeding tools, grass clippers, a bucket, drinking water and sun protection.
Wheelbarrows will also be helpful

See you on the riverbank

Article type: Meetings and events
Start date: November 30, 2014
Start time: 11:00 AM
End Date: November 30, 2014
End Time: 03:00 AM
Venue:Groom Creek – across the river from Maitai Valley Motor Camp

Contact Name: Ami or Ali Kennedy
Contact Phone: 035488467
Contact Email: info@friendsofthemaitai.org.nz