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Nelson Environment Centre is running a number of workshops

Nelson Environment Centre is running a number of workshops in November and December this year. The five workshops are as follows:

1) The Organic Approach to Pests and Diseases

Learn practical methods to deal organically with the pests and diseases that can affect your garden.

• Health = Resistance • Create a Healthy Vibrant Living Soil • Create a Diverse Environment • Crop Rotations • The New Generation of Biological Products • Traps • Home Made Organic Preventative Sprays • Home Made Organic Insecticides & Fungicides • Difficult Pests & Diseases • Organic Retail Products

Date: 1 November 2014
Time: 2pm – 4pm
Venue: Nelson Environment Centre

Cost: $15

2) Be kind to your garden and wallet – FREE composting workshop

A free compost bin will be provided to Nelson residents to support learners to set up their own compost bin after the course. Learn how to turn your kitchen/garden waste into compost – using compost bins, worm farms and Bokashi. This workshop is funded by Nelson City Council and free to Nelson residents. The tutor will go through the different methods and problems that can arise. There will be chance for discussion, questions, and a tour of a working garden. Registrations through this site are essential as places are limited – compost bins (one per household) are only available to Nelson residents that register in advance.

An understanding why good compost is so beneficial to your garden and the produce you grow in it. Confidence to set up and use the three common forms to make compost from your garden and left over organic kitchen waste: Compost heaps/bins; Worm Farms; and Bokashi. Your questions on composting answered.

Date: 3 November 2014
Time: 10am – 12pm
Venue: Stoke School


Date: 26 November 2014
Time: 10am -12pm
Venue: Nelson Environment Centre

Cost: Free

3) How to Build your Soil’s Fertility

How to create humus and a thriving living soil

• Making Compost – brief introduction to concepts • Growing Compost Crops • How to Make Leaf Mould • How to Increase Earthworms in Your Soil • How to Encourage Mycorrhizae Fungi • How to Grow & Use Comfrey • How to Use Green Manures • How to Make Liquid Manures • How to use charcoal to Create Terra Preta • How to Use Mulch • Sourcing & Using Organic Fertilisers

Date: 15 November 2014
Time: 2pm – 4pm
Venue: Nelson Environment Centre

Cost: $15

4) Cook with the Sun – Sunflair Solar Cooker Workshop

Learn and experience cooking in a Portable Sunflair Solar Cooker. If you have pre-purchased a Sunflair bring it along, if not have a go in one of ours. Sample solar cooked solar cooked goodies and dehydrated fruit to taste the unique result it offers

Learn how best to set up and adapt your favourite recipes for healthy, eco-friendly, free energy cooking.

Date: 17 November 2014
Time: 10.30am – 2pm
Venue: Nelson Environment Centre

Cost: $12

5) The Value of Food Farming & Making Nuts, Seeds and Grains More Digestible

Learn how to ferment vegetables, make kefir and make nuts and seeds more digestible.

• How to make Sauerkraut & other Fermented Vegetables • How to make Kefir • How to make Nuts, Seeds & Grains more Digestible

Date: 6 December 2014
Time: 2pm – 4pm
Venue: Nelson Environment Centre

Cost: $15

For more information contact us on (03) 545 9176 or visit our website at www.nec.org.nz