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Nelson City Council Draft Significance and Engagement Policy

Nelson City Council has prepared a draft Significance and Engagement Policy and is inviting feedback from the community on its content.

A copy of the draft policy and some background information may be found on the Nelson City Council website: http://nelson.govt.nz/council/consultations/open-consultations/draft-significance-and-engagement-policy

A hard copy of the draft report can also be picked up from the Customer Service Centre Desk in Civic House, or from any of the Nelson City Public Libraries.

The Significance and Engagement Policy replaces and extends the existing Significance Policy, and sets out Councils general approach to assessing the significance of decisions being made, and how and when the community can be expected to be engaged on these matters. It lists a set of criteria that will be used to assess degrees of significance, and a set of guiding engagement principles. Feedback is invited on the draft policy until 17 October at 4.00 pm.

Article type: News and information Contact Name: Susan Moore-Lavo Contact Phone: 03 545 8742 Contact Email: susan.moore-lavo@ncc.govt.nz