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Neighbourly.co.nz – A free community engagement tool

Neighbourly fosters connections between neighbours. It creates an easy way for neighbours to interact securely online and bridges more real world connections, ultimately helping to grow stronger, safer and friendlier communities. All members using Neighbourly are address verified.


On Neighbourly, members become part of a private website for their suburb (and nearby neighbourhoods). Neighbourly is used for a wide range of purposes, for example to discuss local council issues, recommend local services, ask for assistance, swap produce, find a trusted babysitter, give away or sell unwanted items, suggest a great restaurant, share crime and safety information, find lost pets, and talk about how to improve a neighbourhood. Neighbourly offers a crime prevention service including a free urgent crime and safety text message service alerting you to emergency situations in your community.


Neighbourly for organisations


Neighbourly is also an effective (and free!) communication platform for community organisations. Neighbourly members can use the site to connect with their local community projects, MPs, crime and safety groups, fire, civil defence, churches, schools and sports clubs – and organisations can use Neighbourly to connect directly with local residents in the communities within which they’re based. Organisations have their own public profile and can post messages on digital noticeboards in their linked suburbs.


Neighbourly Leads: An army of resident leaders


A key part of Neighbourly is the ever-growing team of vountary ‘Leads’. Leads are active Neighbourly members who want to make a difference in their communities by helping ensure the site is a great resource for their suburb. All Leads have access to a national Leads Forum where they can exchange good news stories, request site features and share ideas on how to utilise Neighbourly to make positive change. Please consider being a Lead in your suburb and encourage others to become Leads where they live.


Join in, spread the word!


Start building a stronger, safer and friendlier place to call home by joining www.neighbourly.co.nz in your suburb. For more information, please contact the team on info@neighbourly.co.nz


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