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Be Well Books Launched at Tasman District Libraries

How often are you given information about your health condition that is all a bit jumbled with terminology and means very little?

Loaning easy-to-understand health books is new service now available to people in the Tasman region thanks to a partnership between Nelson Bays Primary Health and Tasman Libraries. It is called BeWell Books and is based around a health provider issuing a voucher to clients, so they can read (free of charge) credible information about their health condition.

“We all know that not all information found on ‘Dr Google’ is helpful. So that’s where BeWell Books comes in”, says Glenis Bell, Health Promotion Facilitator for Nelson Bays Primary Health. “The doctor, nurse or any health provider, can now issue a BeWell Books voucher to their clients, knowing the books available are easy to read and credible. It will avoid confusion and mixed messages, which can add to a persons distress when they have a medical condition”, says Bell.

Topics covered in the book selection include: Anxiety, Arthritis, Asthma, Bereavement, Chronic Pain, Depression, Diabetes, Eating Disorders, Healthy Eating, Heart health, irritable Bowel, Meditation / Relaxation (including a CD), Relationships, Stress and Trauma.

If you would like copies of the BeWell Books vouchers to distribute please contact: Glenis Bell on Glenis.Bell@nbph.org.nz

To find out more about BeWell Books visit and to view the book selection: http://www.tasmanlibraries.govt.nz/about-us/services/community-services/bewell-books/


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Contact Name: Glenis Bell

Contact Email: Glenis.Bell@nbph.org.nz