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Jason Pemberton Presentation to Youth Volunteering Summit

Around 40 people from across the region’s schools, youth workers, organisations and more got together 31 July to discuss the future of Youth Volunteering here. Here is the presentation by Jason Pemberton, who helped set up and run Student Army in Christchurch. A full report will be out soon for you to comment on and add to. Best definition of the day: “Volunteering: doing things for free that make life more awesome”.

Thanks to everyone who took part – we were buzzing afterwards and we’re looking forward to the follow up.  Three key Big Ideas from the day:
1. the importance of recognition and incentives for those who volunteer
2. competitions and FUN! How about ‘Ecowars’ like in Palmerston North, which was a sustainability challenge between flats
3. the importance of linking key people, and having a roadshow or volunteering fair to help people get in touch with opportunities

Also, we discussed how it’s meant to be FUN, and how important it is to explain what volunteering is, and to understand what it means to youth, and what motivates people to volunteer.  There were many good reasons why we would want to involve youth, many of which are included in the attached presentation by Jason Pemberton [7GB]

Attached information: https://www.volunteernelson.org.nz/wp-content/uploads/formidable/Vol.-Nelson-Youth-Hui-Jason-Pemberton-31.7.14.pptx

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