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Call to action – help us keep Nelson in the Gigatown Final

Nelson is taking part in the Gigatown competition along with many other towns across NZ.
We’ve been doing well but recently got pushed back to 5th place.
The first round ends on 12 September, and we need to be in the top 5 to get into the final!

Winning means
cheap access to superfast internet 
– not only good news for jobs & supporting new & existing business, but
also for building connected communities – everything from social networks & education, to being able to skype without interruption or stream live video without blowing your data cap!  

The winning town
will also get a $200,000 development fund to
kickstart projects – it’s a great chance for Nelson to become an innovation
centre for New Zealand.

can you help?

If you haven’t already done it, go to www.gigatown.co.nz,
join up and choose Nelson as your home town (don’t forget to activate the email
from Gigatown!)

Sign in and do the masterclass quiz for August then September – together they’re
worth 700 points.  If you’ve already done the July quiz, all three are
worth a whopping 3800 points!  If you need any help pop into the Gigatown
Nelson office at 28 Halifax Street.

time you do the quiz you can enter the draw for an electric bike kindly donated
by Lazerbike! Entry information is on the Gigatown Nelson facebook page or on
our website at www.gigatownnelson.co.nz.

everyone who has already done the July quiz does the August and September ones,
we would add over 2 million points to the scoreboard.  And every new
person doing the August and September quizzes really helps.  It’s an easy
way for everyone to get behind Nelson and get us into the final.

information on how to get involved is on the Gigatown Nelson facebook page at www.facebook.com/gigatownnelson,
on our website at www.gigatownnelson.co.nz or email info@gigatownnelson.co.nz


Article type: News and information

Cost: FREE

Contact Name: Karen Lee
Contact Phone: 027 644 9800
Contact Email: pr@gigatownnelson.co.nz