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Workstar launches 50+ free supported employment service.

“50+ Employment Support exists to provide support to jobseekers between fifty and sixty five years of age in the Nelson Region. Our job-seeking clients may be unemployed or just seeking change. Whilst they manage some form of disability they have a wealth of work experience and are keen to work from five hours per week to full time.”

Over 500,000, or 22% of people employed in New Zealand are aged 50+ and this proportion is set to rise as the number of young people entering the job market declines. Our aim is to help you get the right job for you.

This service is free for both clients and employers. There is no limit to the number of times you can get our help.  We have 20 years of experience helping workers aged fifty plus find work from five hours or more a week in the Nelson region.

“Paid employment for people over fifty often means considerably more than for younger workers.  The opportunity for an experienced worker share what they have learnt is a powerful motivator.  Earning regular income in Nelson can open up many business networking, social and recreational opportunities too.”

Workstar has supported over 1000 people who manage a disability find work in the last twenty years.

On average Workstar supports over 100 people each year to the right job in the Nelson region using our free supported employment service.  Contact me now to use the 50+ service so we can help you find and keep the job that is right for you for free!

Kirsty Glen Manager Workstar


03 546 9206
021 134 6282

It is important to find enjoyable work that fits your skills and abilities.


We understand what it is like for men and women aged 50+ managing a disability and trying to find work, and we can help in one or more of these ways:  

  • ·         giving general advice and guidance
  • ·         suggesting strategies for increasing the likelihood of getting work
  • ·         assisting with your CV / résumé (create, revise, or just check)
  • ·         assisting with cover letters for specific job applications
  • ·         discussing interview skills, including holding mock interviews
  • ·         providing a support person to attend a job interview with you
  • ·         completing online applications (especially for clients without computer / internet access)
  • ·         forwarding your CV and/or contact details to an employer looking for someone like you (with your knowledge and permission)


Our Employment Consultant, Liam Butler, has a wealth of experience providing advice and support to mature people in Nelson. His knowledge of our local economy and the health sector allows him to assist you to support you find the job that is right for you:

Liam Butler Employment Consultant Workstar

Liam Butler

50+ Employment Consultant
Phone: 546 9206 ext 4

My job is to help you market your skills to employers so they know for certain they want to employ you.

I will listen to you to make sure I understand what job you want, what relevant skills and experience you have and what skills you will need to learn on the job.

Development of a Professional C.V.


You will receive a professionally developed C.V. by our résumé specialist Shelley Flemming. A professional C.V. is a vital tool in the job search process.  Research has found that you only have a matter of seconds to make an impact on your prospective employer!


Shelley Flemming Employment Consultant Workstar

Shelley Flemming
Employment Consultant and C.V. specialist

Eyes, Ears, Backs and Bladders


If you are keen Liam can link you with our regions quality occupational health services so you can plan with them who you can manage any health concerns you have including your back, vision, hearing and bladder.  Your health, like your wealth is affected by your actions.  There is no obligation for you to seek or act on the health advice. Workstar is independent operates independently to our agencies health sector.

Job hunting sessions.

Liam will support you through a task focused, strengths based practical approach, that quickly and efficiently promotes you and your newly developed C.V. to prospective employers based on what you want.


Coaching sessions can cover:

· Interview coaching· Job search techniques· Application processes· Writing unique cover letters for the jobs you want.


On the job support


Liam will provide you with ongoing support will be provided to help you in your new job and liaise with your employer if you would like this to happen.

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Cost: FREE

Contact Name: KIrsty Glen
Contact Phone: 03 546 9206
Contact Email: Kirsty@workstar.co.nz