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Does your organisation need a financial health check or a helping hand?

Local BNZ staff are taking part in Closed For Good Day on 4 September 2014, in Nelson, Richmond, Motueka and Takaka. Your not-for-profit organisation might have a project that would be ideal.
Applications close 26 July at http://www.closedforgood.org

Here’s a great chance to get someone in for the day to give you free
financial advice, or give your organisation a hand with everything from
weeding to filing.  BNZ staff from Nelson, Richmond, Motueka and Takaka
are all available to lend a hand.  All you have to do is apply through
the ‘Closed For Good’ website, and you get local staff in your local
area.  GET IN QUICKLY, applications close 26 July.

Think about how you might be able to use one or more highly skilled
people in your organisation for a day on Thursday 4 September.  It might
be creating a business plan, updating a website or sharing financial
literacy information.

More information: here.  Or contact Anna in Nelson on 021 956 572


Apply here:


Attached information: https://www.volunteernelson.org.nz/wp-content/uploads/formidable/BNZ.pdf

Article type: News and information

Cost: FREE

Contact Name: Anna McClure

Contact Email: anna_mcclure@bnz.co.nz