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Musical Drama -Next to Normal – 4, 5, 6 July

“Next to Normal” – about a family dealing with mental health issues.  It is being performed by a group of teenagers aged 14-18 years . The performers put their heart and soul into it and I am not ashamed to admit I shed some tears.

Performances are at Suter Theatre on 4, 5, 6 July at 7pm and 2pm on 5 July, tickets available at Everyman Records $20 plus booking fee – see poster attached.

There will be an opportunity after each show for the audience and performers have a discussion time.  Members of the mental health team will there to give a NZ context to the issues dealt with in the drama and also provide information on what local services are available.  The programme will also include information on local mental health services.

Quote from ‘It’s Nelson’:

Off Broadway performing arts school presents “Next to Normal” an extraordinary new work of musical theatre. In 2010 it won the Pulitzer Prize for drama and 3 Tony awards. PG 13 is advised.

“Next to Normal” is about a couple who loses one of their children and can’t cope. 16 years later, daughter Natalie takes a self destructive path due to her parents neglect. She meets 16 yr old Henry a “bit of a stoner” who shows Natalie love for the first time. Diana, her mother, has manic depression and their lives are consumed with pills, doctors, and hospital visits all the while Dan, the father, “protects” them from the conversations that actually need to happen. The result is shocking with some surprising and haunting twists.

“Next to Normal” is the musical we want to perform” a teen said. “This is important to share, especially in our culture – we want to say people can’t be fixed but they can get better. No one is alone we all have problems and it’s okay to talk about it; the cost of pretending is too high.” says the students.

“Next to Normal pulls at all the feelings, with a heartbreakingly beautiful score and a brilliant and surprising story” says Frank Rick of the New York Times.

Directed by Tami Mansfield

Next to Normal Poster