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Hearing Association Clinics in Takaka, Motueka, Stoke and Richmond

Hearing Association is now holding Clinics in Takaka every fourth Wednesday afternoon of the Month at the Golden Bay Hospital, Central Takaka Road. Phone Hearing House 03 548 3270 for an appointment.

Clinic appointments are for hearing aid
drying and cleaning, questions, minor repairs, repair send offs, battery and
wax guard sales, and queries about our amplified phones, personal listeners and
the CapTel services.

Hearing Association also holds clinics in Motueka, Stoke,
Richmond and three retirement villages. Phone 03 548 3270 for an appointment.

Did you know Bay Audiology (hearing tests and hearing aids), Ear Health (ear suctioning) and the LIFE therapist also
regularly visit Takaka and Motueka?

Article type: News and information

Contact Name: Bridget Thompson
Contact Phone: 03 548 3270
Contact Email: hearingnelson@xtra.co.nz