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Climate Change Movie – Community Tour Dates Wanted

Are you concerned about the impacts of climate change?
Are you looking for a community fundraising opportunity?

“2 Degrees” MOVIE launching in NZ – Community Tour Dates wanted

www.2degreesmovie.com – preview online: http://2degreesmovie.com/the-film/

Contact Ange Palmer, Co-Producer – Green Turtle Films
Email: angepalmer@gtfilms.com.au
Mobile +64 211450334
Land +64 35530353

New Climate Film – Screening Opportunities

Online preview:  Watch 2 Degrees trailer herehttp://2degreesmovie.com/the-film/ 

Message Co-Producer from Ange Palmer  <angepalmer@gtfilms.com.au>

2 Degrees is probably the definitive climate film of 2014. A riveting political thriller set
against the backdrop of the UN climate negotiations, the award winning
documentary is an emotional ride from the despair of the bureaucratic process
to the thrill of tapping into the transformative momentum of people power.
Climate justice is a key theme.

As the world waits in hope for a new dawn on climate change it becomes chillingly
clear that we cannot wait for governments to lead the way. So if
commitment to act won’t come from above, perhaps the voices and actions of
communities will bring the revolution that is needed… 2 Degrees takes to the streets of a small
Australian town, and follows the passionate efforts to replace the coal fired
power stations with solar thermal power. The formidable, 80 year old mayor of
the town leads the charge, and fiery youth walk over 300km to take their
message to parliament.

This film is about to be launched throughout Aotearoa. There is an opportunity for
community groups/individuals to host a screening/premiere. Nelson-based
co-producer Ange Palmer will be available to attend some screenings. She is an
engaging, moving speaker and will share some of her experiences of the film
making process, discuss the Eradicating Ecocide campaign and offer insight into
how we can respond effectively to the challenges of this time with clarity and

A good film provides a path for understanding and provokes
dialogue. You can use the event to raise funds for your group, raise your
profile, enlist new members and educate your community. 

Tour schedule is being
arranged NOW. Please get in early.  Contact details below.

Contact angepalmer@gtfilms.com.au
03 5530353/ 0211450334  for details.

Online preview available:  Watch 2 Degrees trailer here

2 Degrees was shot in 15 countries. See www.2degreesmovie.com    

“Your film stands alone in this genre.” — N. Amber,



GT Films

Skype ange.palmer1

Mobile +64 211450334

Land    +64


“To know and not act is to not know.” Tao Te Ching,  by the Chinese sage
Lao Tzu, C6th century BC

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Contact Name: Ange Palmer
Contact Phone: 021-145-0334
Contact Email: angepalmer@gtfilms.com.au