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Age Concern Nelson presents a Scam Savvy seminar for older people

Age Concern Nelson is bringing Bronwyn Groot to Nelson to present her Scam Savvy seminar. She’s the only banking expert working solely on scamming and fraud. Open to everyone over 60, this event will hear on how to be alert to credit card and lottery scams, card skimming. . . and more.

Being safe online – come to our Scam Savvy seminar


Have you ever had an email asking you for bank account passwords, or an offer to claim some money you’ve won, or inherited? Perhaps you feel as though you’re being put under pressure by someone to hand over your money, or sign something you’re not sure about.

Financial abuse is the most prevalent form of abuse against the elderly in New Zealand . . . . and it’s on the rise.

Here at Age Concern Nelson we’ve dealt with many cases where people have been scammed into handing over money – sometimes substantial amounts.

Because we’ve seen what can happen, we’re putting on a seminar in Nelson in August, with one of the country’s leading experts in this field as our guest speaker.

Bronwyn Groot is the Security and Fraud Coordinator with BNZ and travels the country educating people on topics such as credit card scams, lottery scams, card skimming . . . and more.

She’s passionate about educating people on how to recognise and avoid scammers and fraudsters, and says financial abuse comes in many forms, including taking money or property, forging a signature, getting an older person to sign a will or power of attorney (POA) through deception or undue influence.

Bronwyn says many individuals and companies particularly target the elderly to exploit them of their money . . . and it’s on the increase. ‘The worst one in my opinion would be where a vulnerable older person has been specifically preyed on with the intent of exploiting them. For example, an older person is befriended; continual contact is made, pretending to have their best interests at heart. But sooner or later a request for money has come through. This is extremely emotional and damaging for the vulnerable person and difficult to recover from as their trust has been betrayed.’

The seminar is open to anyone 60 and over. If you’d like to come along, please contact our office to register as places are limited.

When: Thursday 21 August

Where: The Pavilion, Trafalgar Park, Nelson (entry via Trafalgar Park Lane, off Trafalgar Street) .

Time: 1.30 to 3.30 pm

Entry fee: Koha/donation

To register call 03 544 7624, or email: ageconcern.nelson3@clear.net.nz

Article type: Meetings and events
Start date: August 21, 2014
Start time: 01:30 PM
End Date: August 21, 2014
End Time: 03:30 PM

Cost: koha

Contact Name: Caroline Budge
Contact Phone: 03 544 7624
Contact Email: ageconcern.nelson3@clear.net.nz