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Affected by Violence/cyber bullying: Learn how to Be Safe..Feel Safe

Strong Together Workshop with John Parsons and a panel of experts including local Police, Local Health Workers and Councillor Brian McGurk

John and his co-presenters will be covering internet safety,family violence, different forms of abuse and how to protect yourself, your children and those around you.

Bring the children, there will be movies and popcorn and someone to supervise them.


Place: Victory Community Centre


Address: 2 Totora Street, Victory

Article type: Meetings and events Start date: August 7, 2014 Start time: 07:00 PM End Date: August 7, 2014 End Time: 08:30 PM Cost: Free Contact Name: Marcia Higgs Contact Phone: 03 5467134 Contact Email: marcia.kvs@vistory.school.nz