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Problem Gambling Services – Nelson-Tasman-Marlborough

Problem Gambling Services through to February 2015.

Judicial Review
PGF (the largest provider of problem gambling services) have taken  legal action against the Ministry of Health’s decision to award the majority of Problem Gambling contracts to the Salvation Army for the next 3 year contracting period.  This includes the Nelson-Tasman and Marlborough regions.  Contracts have been rolled over till February 2015 while this takes place.
Services across the Top of the South.
Over the past 9+ years Te Kahui Hauora o Ngati Koata Trust and PGF have worked in collaboration – this being Dr. Phil Townshend and myself.   With Phil leaving the area, PGF’s Nelson office closed in September 2013 and he has not been replaced.  PGF have contracted a provider in the Marlborough region and she can be contacted via the Gambling Helpline on 0800 654 655 or by contacting me.  I will be subcontracted until February 2015 to provide both Clinical and Public Health services for the Nelson-Tasman region.   New office (Room 3 159 Hardy Street) but same numbers (03 5482230/ 02102260819).  I am unsure what will happen in February though suspect the top of the south contracts will go over to the Salvation Army.
Plans for Now
Please contact me if you have ideas on projects we may work on together.  Some of the hopes I have for the rest of the year include ;
1/   See the Gambling Support Group resourced so they can continue their brilliant work
2/ Ensure our MVE (Multi venue exclusion) system continues – one of the most effective intervention we have for problem gamblers and,
3/ Support the HPA’s work towards minimizing gambling harm at a local level including activities leading up to Gamble Free Day (1st September).
Thanks everyone for the support.
Mathew McMillan

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Contact Name: Mathew McMillan
Contact Phone: 03 5482230
Contact Email: addictionservicesnelson@gmail.com