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2014/15 Nelson City Council Community Assistance Funding Round

Each year Council provides an annual pool of funding for community groups to access, in order to provide services aligned with Council’s Community Outcomes.

This year’s funding round will open for applications on Monday 7 July and close Wednesday 30 July at 4pm. Online application forms will be available at http://nelson.govt.nz/services/community/funding/community-assistance-funding/ on 7 July.

Subject to final adoption of the Long Term Plan, a total of $388,700 has been allocated to community assistance funding. Of this amount, $110,300 will be available for 2014/15. As per the Community Assistance Policy, 10 – 20% of the total amount will be allocated to one-off grants and the rest for contracts.

Please note that accountability reports for 2013/14 are due Friday 4 July (complete one at http://nelson.govt.nz/services/community/funding/community-assistance-funding/community-assistance-funding-online-accountability-form/).

For further information please contact Nicola Mercer at nicola.mercer@ncc.govt.nz or 03 546 0217.

Article type: News and information

Contact Name: Nicola Mercer
Contact Phone: 03 546 0217
Contact Email: nicola.mercer@ncc.govt.nz