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Support for Community & Whanau Submissions on the Council Annual Plan – 13 May

There have been two submissions made to Council on behalf of Community and Whanau. Kindra Douglas, on behalf of the Community and Whanau and CWTAS, will be speaking to the submissions between 1.25-1.35pm on Tuesday 13 May at the Council Chambers. We would greatly welcome support from Community and Whanau.

One submission has arisen from recent discussions at Community and Whanau about the Council’s process for allocating the Community Assistance Fund. While we have expressed strong support for the fund we are concerned that the present process does not serve the community well and we have asked Council to review and simplify the process in accord with best practice in Local Government.

The other submission is a follow up to some correspondence CWTAS has had with Council about the Social Well-being Report which Community and Whanau produced over a decade ago. Council advised that it would be working on two areas of the report in the coming year and it would be developing an Action Plan on social well-being. The Council has been asked to ensure community sector organisations are meaningfully involved in this development.