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Courageous Conversations Workshop – Sept 3rd and 4th

By Cher Williscroft Conflict Management Ltd

Learn and practice powerful methods to gain confidence when talking face to face about difficult issues, preserves important relationships and has the best chance of producing the result you want.

$460 plus GST
More information: http://conflictmanagement.co.nz/upcoming-courses/courage-in-conversation
Contact: cher@conflictmanagement.co.nz 03 5452567


Article type: Training
Start date: June 11, 2014
Start time: 09:00 AM
End Date: June 12, 2014
End Time: 05:00 PM

Cost: $460

Contact Name: Cher Williscroft
Contact Phone: 03 5452567
Contact Email: cher@conflictmanagement.co.nz