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Q Youth Workshops Available

There are 2 sessions available .
Each session takes around 50 mins. I usually like to have a minimum of 10 people and no real maximum!

Presentation:  2 sessions

 First session is on sexual orientation and sexuality

 What is sexual orientation? What does this mean? We will also introduce the concept of looking at this as a continuum

 Who has to ‘come out?’ This will be discussed and some tips offered on how to be a great straight ally.


Second session is around gender and gender identity

We will unpick the notions of sex and gender. Are these biological, socially constructed?

Discussion about terms like transgender and intersex. All terms will be explained as well as any other terms that people are unsure about.

Spence will present most of this section – including their personal experience of coming out and being genderqueer


These sessions are interactive providing opportunities for people to ask questions and give feedback as we go through. The workshops are really accessible and suitable for young people, people who work with young people and those who work in organisations that are interested in being able to work in a more inclusive way.


Contact Q-Youth for more information.

Clare Fairbrother – Co-ordinator, 03 5484260 or 0220750740

Office hours: Mondays and Wednesdays