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Important Social Housing Changes – in effect as of 14 April

The Ministry of Social Development (MSD) now manages applications for social housing and refers people on the waitlist to social housing providers. This means for people who may require housing assistance, they should now contact MSD.

The Government has also opened up the income-related rent subsidy to more housing providers. This means from today, people on the waitlist for social housing could be referred to Housing New Zealand or to a registered community housing provider when a suitable property becomes available.

MSD is responsible for:

  • assessing people’s eligibility for social housing
  • assessing people’s need for a house
  • managing the waitlist for social housing
  • referring people to social housing providers
  • calculating and administering income-related rents
  • paying income-related rent subsidies to housing providers.

Housing New Zealand will continue to:

  • be the landlord to all state housing tenants and manage their nationwide portfolio of 69,000 properties
  • provide housing to people referred to them by MSD
  • manage tenancies, including organising repairs.

If you are asked about these changes, there is lots of new information for you to share with people in your community.


New information for people looking for somewhere to live

MSD has a new website for people with housing needs; it provides information to help anyone find somewhere to live, including information about social housing:


Becoming a registered community housing provider

The Community Housing Regulatory Authority has information about how to become a registered provider:


Information for housing providers is available on MSD’s new housing website. Please take a look. We are planning to put up more information over coming weeks too, so come back.


Information about the social housing changes


You can find out more about the social housing changes on the MSD website or by contacting regional teams:


For information on Housing New Zealand and their social housing role go to www.hnzc.co.nz.

Enquiries about the social housing changes may also be emailed to social_housing@msd.govt.nz.